How To Get A Physical Therapist Job

Physical therapist male assist active senior woman exercise at gym

Looking for a career in physical therapy?

If you are looking for a exciting career choice then you should consider becoming a physical therapist. Becoming a physical therapist is a lot easier than you would imagine and this article will help you to understand a few important steps to fulfill your dream as a physical therapist. The following steps should be made in the following order:

  1. Evaluate your skills
  2. Gather information
  3. Choose an undergraduate physical therapy school
  4. Obtain your graduate degree in physical therapy
  5. Obtain a license to practice in whatever state or province you desire

A physical therapist should have a good understanding of the physical sciences including chemistry, biology, and physics. Before you attempt to obtain an undergraduate degree you should increase your knowledge of these subjects especially if you find yourself not entirely conversant in any particular one of them. Also, ask yourself some serious questions such as whether you are comfortable witnessing other people in pain.

A physical therapist is someone who provides assistance to others and it is a great way to help people in your community. However, when you deal with the pain and distress of others every day of the week it can affect your attitude towards your job. The key will be to motivate yourself as you teach your patience recovery exercises that will eventually relieve their painful condition.

After your self evaluation you should then look into the various branches of physical therapy and choose one that most interests you. Some of the different types of physical therapy include:

  • Sports related physical therapy
  • Degenerative diseases
  • Neurological physical therapy
  • Cardiovascular and pulmonary physical therapy.

You can learn more about each of these specialized fields by doing some relevant research online or by contacting the American Physical Therapy Association.

Your next step will be to choose the undergraduate physical therapy school that you want to attend. Some of the subjects that you will be studying will include physics, chemistry, anatomy, biology, and physical sciences. Your undergraduate program will take four years out of your life and you need to prepare yourself for the costs and rigors of full-time study.

The next step will be to obtain your graduate degree by choosing a school with a good graduate program in physical therapy. The program will teach you further important information in regards to cardiopulmonary physical therapy, psycho-social issues, generalized physical therapy, musculoskeletal disorders, and generalized physical therapy.

Try to find a program that covers all of the above and that will allow you the opportunity to do lab work as part of your graduate degree. Lab or clinical work while obtaining your degree will help you acquire invaluable experience dealing with patients, diagnosing various conditions, and working with other professional therapists.

The final step after you acquire your degree is to pass the state or province license examination so that you can practice your trade as a physical therapist. Each location will have its own special licensing requirements and it is critical that you follow these requirements to the letter of the law. After that, you can enjoy your career as a qualified physical therapist.