Physical Therapist Salary Ranges

Senior woman with crutches getting help of physiotherapist at gym

How much does a physical therapist make?

Getting a job as a physical therapist can be very exciting for a lot of different reasons. However, the main reason is the chance to help people in their recovery process from different physical ailments. This is when people should know about the different impacts on the salary they are going to be getting from this career path. By knowing about these impacts it will be easier for people to get the right job and know if any of these factors are going to be making an impact on their salary or not.

Work in a thriving economy

Location is one of the major things that is going to impact the salary range of the physical therapist. Normally people think the location is not going to make that much of a difference, but they need to realize it actually does make a huge difference. For example, if people are working in a hospital in New York City they are more likely to make more money than someone working in the hospitals in West Virginia. The reason for this is the cost of living is higher in New York and that tends to make a difference in the pay scale that people are getting paid.

Choose the right company

Pay scales of the company people are planning on working for is something else that will make a difference for people. While people may think that all the companies are they same, they need to realize if they go to work for a non-profit hospital or a nursing home their pay is likely going to be dramatically lower than what they would be getting if they were working for a larger for profit hospital that is making quite a bit of money each year. So people need to take this into consideration as well.

Get the right education

Experience is a factor that people generally know is going to make a difference in their pay, however they should realize that a quality college education is the top factor that will influence your income as a physical therapist. The more experience people are the more they are likely to start off at a higher pay rate. So people will want to consider this as being a difference in the salary range.

As an entire field people will find the average salary is in the eighty thousand dollar range. This is a decent pay range, but their are people who will make markedly lower amounts of money, but at the same time their are people who will make quite a bit more money. So this will be something people need to think about when they are looking at the salary range.

When people are considering a new job as a physical therapist, they need to know about all the different factors that can impact their ability to make a living. This is when people should know about these and know what they can do to change them, if anything. Then they will see where they are falling on the salary range chart and know if they are getting paid decent or pennies.